So You Think You Can Danica Episode 8: Lollipops & Ginger Ale


Last week saw the finale of Season Fifteen of So You Think You Can Dance, and your friends Danica and Devin watched it almost live! Day-of, anyhow, which is a rarity for them. In the latest episode of So You Think You Can Danica, your excited hosts get into the nitty gritty of the last show of the season. And also get a little silly. In this episode, Danica and Devin talk about dance interns, the G-rated activities that professional dancers get up to in their spare time, department store tourism, stellar tap routines, the Creative Arts Emmys, John Legend’s EGOT, a call to action for the proletariat, Dustin’s awesome smiling face, and their hopes and dreams for next season (which is surely coming, right? RIGHT?).

Also, in case you didn’t know: in the SYTYCDanica off-season we’re going to be reviewing dance movies! From Ginger Rogers to Channing Tatum to Hrithik Roshan to Cyd Charisse, we’re going to discuss great moments of dance on film and also veer wildly off into a variety of other tangents. So please tell us about your favourite dance movies; we’d appreciate any and all suggestions!


So You Think You Can Danica Episode 6: Wood And Hopes And Dreams


Did you emotionally survive the Top 6? Because we’re not going to lie to you, dear listeners: the SYTYCD Top 6 episode has taken an emotional toll on your intrepid hosts. And talking it out in the most recent So You Think You Can Danica is what’s getting us through it. So join Danica & Devin as they talk about how to process grief, the return of Robert (and the rest of the All Stars we guess), controversial Kiki opinions, surprise comic recommendations, Dance Buds (TM), impromptu stunts, All Stars showing their choreography chops, New Movie Recommendations, and possibly the most important routine in SYTYCD history. Also, because we have to, the results, and our dream Top Four dancers compared to what we ended up with. Please, friends. Explain this outcome to us.

SYTYCDanica’s theme music is “You Can Dance?” by Steve Combs.