So You Think You Can Danica Episode 16: Calm Fabulousness

Welcome back, Danicateers! (The name tested well, so we’re keeping it.) In this month’s episode of So You Think You Can Danica, Danica and Devin discuss 1992’s Australian cult classic, Strictly Ballroom. This is the movie that unleashed Baz Luhrmann onto the world in all of his unabashed, over-the-top glory. The movie tells the story of how one angry young man rebels against the ballroom dance establishment thanks to the love of a good woman from the streets. An original concept to be sure, but is that enough to make us fall in love with it? Or will we be overwhelmed by the movie’s relentless pace? (Make no mistake: it is relentless.)

Join us as we discuss: Luhrmann’s Law of Diminishing Returns; how good we are at words; Devin’s real feelings on Moulin Rouge; the benefits of style over substance; bold earring choices; Danica’s history with dance competitions; the movie’s take on the “Beautiful All Along” trope; an incredibly long cover of a Cyndi Lauper classic; Devin saying “Claire du Lune” when he clearly means “The Blue Danube;” the kinds of dances one does late at night; the dreaded paso doble; Breaking Dance News; how Tara Morice needs more screen time; how hard it is to be a handsome, talented man; the importance of grandmas; slow claps; off-brand Guy Pierce; the Australian TV series Dance Academy; and the late great Doris Day. Plus: the announcement of the new season of SYTYCD! (Mark your calendars. It’s June 3rd.)

We’ll see you next month, with…something? We’re not sure what yet. But it’s gonna be fun, we promise that.

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