So You Think You Can Danica Episode 15: It’s Showtime Folks!


Welcome back, Danicateers! (It’s a new nickname we’re workshopping, and it’s testing very high in our target market.) As April sees the launch of the FX series Fosse/Verdon, we figured what better movie to examine than All That Jazz? Bob Fosse’s semi-autobiographical dance fantasy musical is award-winning, critically acclaimed, and beloved by musical fans. But is it any good? Does Fosse have any insight into his life and industry or is the film just another story of a powerful man doing terrible things? And just how sexy can a fake musical about having sex on airplanes be? That’s what this episode aims to find out.

Pour yourself a glass of port wine and join Danica & Devin as they discuss: the proper way of caring for your skirts; a brief filmography of All That Jazz co-writer Robert Alan Arthur; William Friedkin’s Sorcerer; the undeniable talent of Roy Schieder; the movie’s messy middle ground between dance, power, and sex; Marvel’s most talented mutant, the Savage Ben Vereen; the effectiveness of reverse piggybacking; a surprisingly young Wallace Shawn; the sledgehammer to the face that is the big closing number; reality versus dream logic; the legacy of M*A*S*H; whether the story of the making of the film is more interesting than the film itself; Lenny Bruce; and the difficulty of spelling your own name.

We’ll see you again in May with another dance movie!

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