So You Think You Can Danica Episode 14: Surprisingly Hot Moose

Welcome to spring break, SYTYCDanicateers! (That’s a new nickname we’re trying out.) It’s Spring Break, and that means it’s a time of renewal and rebirth. So what better way to embody the spirit of spring than by going back to the Step Up franchise. That’s right, at long last Danica & Devin are tackling Step Up 2: The Streets, a movie with a lot of So You Think You Can Dance connections. This movie brings the viewer back to the Baltimore School of the Arts, where young street dancer Andie (Briana Evigan) teams up with legacy student Chase (Robert Hoffman) to train a ragtag group of misfits for Baltimore’s historic dance contest, The Streets. (It does not, sadly, feature English hip-hop artist, The Streets, to Devin’s chagrin.) Is it a fun romp, a long meandering excuse for two excellent last-minute dance routines, or both? Danica & Devin are here to break it down.
Join us as we discuss: 90s cell phone technology; Tuck’s rocky, beefy physique; C-Tates’ trampoline cameo; the severe lack of sexy principal; Devin’s continued obsession with the Step Up/The Wire cinematic universe; MSA’s controversial diet program; basic white boy names; Moose’s inappropriate ringtone choices; the significant tonal changes between the two movies; the 4-1-0’s mysterious wardrobe choices; Danica completely re-contextualizing Devin’s favourite line; the surprisingly great salsa dancing scene; a missed opportunity for a sexy shirt-lift; the importance of being sad with your friends; some surprisingly shoddy cinematography; a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo from Jabbawockeez; the minute we realized SYTYCD choreographer Christopher Scott is in this movie; the logistics of kissing someone who is wearing a baseball cap; and ending things on a bleak note.
Thanks for listening and we’ll see you again next month!

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