So You Think You Can Danica Episode 11: Rustic Chicken Shakedown

Just in time for the holidays, So You Think You Can Danica is back with a holiday-themed dance movie! On the December episode, Devin and Danica discuss the only Christmas dance movie that they can think of, White Christmas! (Wait, are there any dance numbers in Home Alone? No, there aren’t, so White Christmas it is!)

Join us as we dive deep into: our personal histories with Christmas movies; Devin’s inability to say Bing Crosby’s name; how great Dean Jagger is; the surprisingly progressive views of masculinity in White Christmas; Danica’s problem with lazy nightclub singers; the seventeen times the viewers hear “Sisters;” the terrifying boat sequence in “The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing;” the movie’s commitment to excellent footwear; a cavalier attitude to cigarette butt disposal; random alley taxis; the strange beauty regimen prescribed in “Snow;” the realities of inter-state train travel (note: it would take approximately 28 hours to take a train from Florida to Vermont in 2018); Devin’s love of puns in “Minstrel Show;” the fantastic beautiful strangeness of “Choreography;”  Vera-Ellen and John Brascia’s tour-de-force in “Abraham;” how good Devin & Danica are at flirting (with other people, not each other); the overall amazingness of Vera-Ellen; Rosemary Clooney’s torch song “Love, You Didn’t Do Right By Me;” surprisingly angry child actors; Danica’s love-hate relationship with musicals; and the strange dual dreamlike reality of “Count Your Blessings.”

Happy holidays, everyone!! We’ll see you in 2019!

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