So You Think You Can Danica Episode 10: Dance Memento


Welcome back to So You Think You Can Danica, where even though your favourite dance competition show is off the air, Danica and Devin are still slinging those sweet dance burgers. (Sorry, we ate some delicious burgers before recording and we’re still thinking about them.)

On this month’s episode we get together to discuss the first great Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire picture, 1934’s The Gay Divorcée. Join us as we discuss: the terrible fate of our  collective oxen; how bad we are at watching things on the PVR; the coming global superpocalypse; the fantasticness of Edward Everett Horton; the dangers of boats and ocean travel in general; sexy punctuation; Guy Holden: Serial Harasser; how the first minutes of The Gay Divorcée is actually a horror-thriller about a rich American woman’s trip to England; the surprise appearance of Betty Grable in “Let’s K-nock K-nees;” how we as a society need a movie about the exciting and scandalous past life of Aunt Hortense; the Unbearable Unfortunateness of Tonetti; Ginger Rogers unfortunate ruffles; the crown jewel in the movie, “Night and Day;” Christopher Nolan’s gritty reboot of The Gay Divorcée; how “The Continental” is overlong but catchy (Devin’s note — and also a really filthy Prince song); and a surprise appearance by Devin’s neighbor the carpentry enthusiast.

We’ll see you again in December, with our thoughts on a holiday dance classic!

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