So You Think You Can Danica Episode 9: A Dog’s First Screenplay


Just when you thought we had forgotten about you, So You Think You Can Danica is back! Yes, it’s spooky movie season so of course your intrepid hosts Danica and Devin are back with an episode about one of the scariest movies they have ever seen: Step Up. (It’s terrifying how little dancing there is!)

Starring future superstar Channing Tatum and future SYTYCD judge Jenna Dewan, Step Up is a mess of a movie that is missing approximately five or six good dance numbers. Join Danica & Devin for a discussion of: troves (both treasure-style and regular), Channing Tatum’s confusing anatomy, the similarities between the Step Up and Assassin’s Cred franchises, Touchstone Pictures (who last distributed a movie in 2016), night court, how Step Up is more of a fantasy movie than a dance movie, the Great Cardigan Incident of 2004, the Step-Up/The Wire cinematic universe, the amazing cast of She’s All That, the importance of teen mental health, and early 2000s Canadian teen television shows.

We’ll see you again in November with a dance movie from classic Hollywood!

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