So You Think You Can Danica Episode 7: Give Robert Your Vulnerability


Last week we all watched the Top Four Episode of SYTYCD, and hopefully it got you as jazzed as it got Danica & Devin. Your hosts were pleasantly surprised with the Penultimate Pre-Finale, which featured a number of fantastic routines. Heck, even our least-favourite dancer acquitted themselves adequately. On the seventh episode of So You Think You Can Danica your fearless hosts discuss a number of topics, including: the ascension of Genessy, giving credit when credit is due, detachable ponytails, Piaget’s developmental theories about conservation of volume, motivational workplace rhymes, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, celebrity baby names, the difference between cover bands and tribute bands, our show’s new producer, plans for Finale Night, and a brief moment of human emotions. And of course, we talk about our choices for who’s going to take the number one spot. Plus: news about the future of the podcast! SYTYCD might be going away for the season, but SYTYCDanica isn’t going anywhere.
For Finale Night Tweeting Purposes:
Danica is @DanicaHere
Devin is @Doctor_Teeth
SYTYCDanica’s theme music is “You Can Dance?” by Steve Combs.

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