So You Think You Can Dance Episode 4: Cat Deely’s Smooth Hoop


Just in time to catch up before tonight’s live episode, So You Think You Can Danica is back (in Pog form). In the fourth episode of SYTYCDanica your intrepid hosts gather together to watch the Top Ten one last time and to say goodbye to the first eliminated contestants of the season. This episode features a dizzying cornucopia of dance styles and some of Danica & Devin’s favourite choreographers to help us get over the sadness that is elimination. This episode listen to your intrepid hosts talk about: Cat Deely’s relative fashion fabulousness, Devin’s new Halloween costume idea, the sad lack of Canadian dates on the Season 15 live tour, Jensen’s sad manatee impression, Nigel’s inability to talk honestly about his own feelings, Danica’s name for Devin’s new tribute band, the contestants’ trophy obsessions, and of course, national treasure Sean Cheeseman. Plus, the first eliminations of the year! It’s just another week on So You Think You Can Danica!

SYTYCDanica’s theme music is “You Can Dance?” by Steve Combs.

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